Riley Skinner is an electro-folk musician and singer-songwriter newly based in Minneapolis. Her intriguing melodies, textured layers of sound, and intimate lyrics blend a nostalgic 90s angst with modern folk sensibilities. Skinner's music asks the listener to join her in being vulnerable, being gentle, being honest, and being brave.

Skinner studied composition at Bennington College in Vermont where she found inspiration in her mentors, collaborators, and the haunting environment of New England. She recently moved from Seattle to Minneapolis and now performs primarily in the Midwest. 

In addition to creating music for her solo project and her duo, Heddwen, Skinner enjoys collaborating with dancers and visual artists to create customized soundscapes for performances, videos, and installations.  




Riley Skinner

Friend is a song that I wrote a long time ago, then forgot about, and then had the pleasure of rediscovering. It's about a friend of mine that I had a crush on and thought it might turn into something more. Of course, it didn’t, but I got a tune out of it!

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I Feel Pretty Good

Riley Skinner

This is a home recording of an older song that I made during the pandemic. It's about the currents of time and how they push us apart and pull us back together again.

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Only I Can Save Me

Riley Skinner

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Only I Can Save Me

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This is a song I wrote while I was processing the realization that the person I have to live with, love, affirm, forgive, and cherish for the rest of my life is myself. 💫

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✨ Email me for current rates or a quote for a particular project: rileymaeskinner@gmail.com ✨

Session Work
Need some killer harmonies on your latest album? Or someone to help you craft better lyrics? Want help arranging background elements such as voices or strings? I also adore working with dancers doing live improvisation or custom soundscapes for the art they are making. I'm here to help make the magic happen, so let's talk! Past and current collaborators include Larsen Gardens, Andy Ulseth, Jaspar Lepak, Rebecca Nakaba, and Corina Dalzell. 

Private Lessons 
I have a decade of experience working with students of all ages and currently offer private lessons (online or in person) in composition, songwriting, arranging, voice, piano, and ukulele. 

Tarot Readings 
Yup, I do these too! My perspective is intuitive and empowering. I'd love to read for you! 

Art & Embroidery
Let me draw you a little picture, or embroider a portrait of your pet, or... well the possibilities are endless. 

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