Riley Skinner’s new record Surrender encourages us to love ourselves for who we are and who we might become.”

Mark Koerner, KFAI

Forged as much of space and atmosphere as of actual music; this is a more hazy and harmonious affair... I think I may have found a new favourite artist.”

Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

Authenticity should be cherished. Skinner’s music stands as a beacon of heartfelt expression, inviting us all to reflect on our own journeys through love and self-discovery.”

BoysiiBusiness, Medium

Skinner channels the singer-songwriter spirit, yet modernizes it with crisp electric guitar waves that nod to what was once called the college rock sound. There’s a hint of folk music, but it’s updated into something more robust, maintaining its essence while veering into unexplored territories. What sets this apart is its ability to blend robust sounds with a raw vocal vulnerability, seamlessly intertwining force with fragility, muscle with melody.”

Dave Franklin, The Big Takeover

The music is reminiscent of my high school era (1980s); a drive of pop punk with an undercurrent of folk, which we might not have called folk but alternative back in the day. There’s a tenderness and hopeful ethos of the song.”

Ann Treacy, Mostly Minnesota

Riley Skinner makes music that invites the listener into a world of honest and courageous vulnerability...(her) latest single ‘Dirty’ is a great example, a quietly powerful folk rock song about finding the bravery to be your true self.”

Jon Doyle, Various Small Flames

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